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Match Report

Frost 81
Att: 368

This was a an ugly game. Trafford set up in a 4-2-3-1 and defence was the order of the day. It was how they had trained for the game, and they did it very well.

Hyde rested a few players, and this really did have an effect. The front three had no cohesion, no understanding and I dont think we would have scored if the ref had played 90 minutes injury time.

The first half was a turgid affair. Hyde working to make an opening and Trafford defending really well, looking to hit Hyde on the break.

I dont have anything exciting to say about either side. Ross Daley and Janni Lipka were outstanding, but with the total of one tame shot on target, from Eliott Rokka, in total between the two sides, it was a relief when the half time whistle blew his whistle.

HT 0-0

A surreal 15 minutes watching a man dressed as Chucky chase a selection of inflatable chickens around the pitch was the highlight of the day!


The second half had a slightly more energised Hyde playing with more of a plan up front, and a couple of half chances were created following some sustained possession in the Trafford Half, but it was all a bit tepid.

82 minutes on the clock and the Tigers pushing for a goal, Trafford broke well, evaded a couple of tackles and caught a trailing leg inside the box allowing the referee to do more than just interrupt the game for long chats, awarding a penalty.

The Trafford 10 hit the bar and Peter Crooke claimed the bouncing ball, but not before the lines man joined the action for the day, sprinting back to the half way line as he indicated that the ball had appeared to cross the line. 1-0 Trafford.

Subs on subs off but no goals and the game finished with a flurry of yellow cards from the man in black.


Not an ideal start to the easter weekend, but also not completely unexpected. Trafford are on a good run of form and are a decent side fighting to be in the playoffs. Hyde are short of goals recently and todays changes didn't improve that.

Droylsden at home on Monday is a fantastic opportunity to pick up 3 points, and seven games allow 21 points if we manage to win them all. We are happy to be sitting in 2nd place, rather than in 3rd or 4th, and so we gather our thoughts and do what we have to do.

We are where we are on merit, because of what we have done over the past 35 games. We will finish where we deserve to finish after 42. Nothing we or anyone else thinks really matters before then.


Team Line-Up
1 Peter Crook
2 Kyle Harrison
3 Kyle Brownhill
4 Ross Daly
5 Tyrone Gay
6 Paddy Miller
7 Elliot Rokka
8 Janni Lipka
9 Ben Deegan
10 Max Leonard
11 Dominic McHale
12 Harry Coates
13 Big Khamsuk
14 Dominic Marie
15 Karl Jones
16 Luke Porritt
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