Social Media policy of Hyde United Football Club.

Hyde United Football Club Social Media Policy Overview Social media offers the opportunity for people to gather in online communities of shared interest and create, share or consume content.

As a public-facing organisation, Hyde United Football Club (HUFC) recognises the benefits of social media as an important tool of engagement, to communicate with and market promotions to our customers and supporters.

It is important that the reputation of HUFC, as well as its affiliated sponsors and partners, is not tarnished in any way by anyone using social media tools inappropriately, particularly in relation to any content that directly references HUFC.

When someone clearly identifies their association with HUFC, or can easily be associated with HUFC through their employment or voluntary status, in this type of open forum, they are expected to behave and express themselves appropriately and in a manner that is consistent with HUFC’s media and communications policy.

The purpose of this social media policy is to provide some guiding principles for employees and volunteers of HUFC to follow when using social media. This policy does not apply to the personal use of social media platforms by HUFC staff or volunteers where no reference is made to HUFC or any associated partners, sponsors, projects,players,staff,landlords or tenants.

The intent of this policy is to include anything posted online where information is shared that might affect employees, sponsors, partners, customers, or supporters of HUFC as an organisation and the reputation of both the club, the League or the Football Association and the competitions associated therewith.

Guiding Principles The web is not anonymous. HUFC staff should assume that everything they write online, especially in open forums, can be traced back to them. Due to the unique nature of HUFC as a business, the boundaries between personal and professional profiles and any associated opinions and comments can often be blurred. As such, it is essential that HUFC staff clearly acknowledge this ambiguity when posting anything online and consider at all times their connection to HUFC and, as such, their role as a representative or supporter of the club.

When using the internet for professional or personal pursuits, all HUFC staff must respect the brands of HUFC, our partners, sponsors, the associations to which we are members, such as the League and the Football Association, as well as other staff, following the guidelines in place to ensure that the intellectual property of both HUFC and our affiliated associations is not compromised and the organisation is not brought into disrepute.

In certain situations, HUFC staff could potentially breach the Privacy Act or inadvertently make HUFC liable for breach of copyright. HUFC staff should be considerate to others in such circumstances and should not post information when they have been asked not to or consent has not been sought and given. They must also remove information about another person should they be asked to do so. Under no circumstances should offensive comments be made about HUFC, club staff or any affiliated partners or sponsors online including Junior teams our Landlords or tenants . Breach of Policy HUFC will continually monitor online activity in relation to the club and the sport.

The social media team comprises 6 people who will monitor outgoing and incoming tweets,messages or comments on the social media sites used by HUFC, These people will remove any tweets,messages,comments which they believe may breach any sections of the Social Media Policy which they feel may damage the reputation of HUFC or their affiliates.

Persistent offenders breaking the Social Media policy set out by HUFC run the risk of being blocked from the sites or reported to the authorities for severe offences.

All social media moderators shall apply to the Social Media Manager for approval on any blocking of a person or block them themselves if they feel it is in best interest of HUFC its Employees, Fans, Players, Staff, Sponsors, Affiliates , Landlords or Tenants.

This policy has been developed to provide guidance for HUFC staff ,volunteers and fans in a new area of social interaction. HUFC staff or Fans who are unsure of their rights, liabilities or actions online and seek clarification should contact a member of the HUFC media team,