This prediction sheet is separate from our normal prediction sheet that we operate in paper form during the season. The paper version will commence again when football resumes in the UK and lockdown rules have been eased.

There were no winners on the last Prediction Sheet, so our prize fund for this coming week is £150
This is the final week of the Premier League, so the final week of our Prediction Sheet, and your last chance to scope the jackpot.

Here are the rules.

  • There will be 6 games, to win you have to correctly predict the outcome of the 6 games, home win, away win or a draw.
  • In the event of more than one person correctly predicting the outcome of all 6 games, the prize money will be split between the total number of winners.
  • All predictions have to be in by 3pm on Sunday July 26th, the kick-off time of the first game on that day.
  • If any game is postponed or abandoned then the sheet will revert to a 5 game sheet.
  • If 2 or more games are postponed or abandoned the sheet will be ruled null and void and all monies will roll over to the following weeks sheet.
  • The Prediction Sheet will run until it is won or until the final day of the Premier League, which ever comes soonest.

The Prize Money Explained:

The prize money for this Prediction Sheet will be 50% of the total amount raised from the Prediction Sheet plus any prize monies rolled over from the last Prediction Sheet. The prize money will be shared equal to all winners predicting the outcome of all games.
If no one wins, then the prize money will roll over to the next sheet and will be added to 50% of the monies raised from that sheet to make the new Prize Money Total. If the Prize Fund is won in any week, the following weeks Prize Fund will start at 50% of the following weeks monies raised for that sheet.