Player And Management Sponsorship 2021/22

We are launching our player and management sponsorship for the 21/22 season.

When you sponsor a player or a member of the management staff you will

  • Your name will appear in the match day programme stating which player of member of the management staff you have sponsored
  • Your name appearing on this page
  • You name will be again the persons profile on the website
  • You will be able to spend one game in the lounge from a list of designated games from the season. This is for full sponsorship of a person, one game limit, you do not get another game in the lounge if we have to move your sponsorship to another person. If you sponsor 2 people you get 2 games in the lounge yourself or one game with a friend of your choice.

If at any time the person you have sponsored leaves the club, they your sponsorship will transfer to a player or member of staff of your choice, who has not yet been sponsored.

The cost of sponsoring a player or member of the management team remains at the same price as last season, £100.

If you are interested, use the contact form below to indicate who you would like to sponsor. Someone will contact you back to arrange payment. As soon as payment is received then your name will be marked against that person.

Sponsored So Far

Dave McGurk
John McCombe
Martin Coyne
Chris Shaw
Jake Cunningham
Paul Rothwell
Dave Gresty
Tom Pratt