Join Our Predictor League

The football club have partnered with Predictor League to run our online Prediciton League.

We hope to use this to raise funds for the Football Club, not just during lockdown when we have no income, but for as long as people are interested in playing it.

The cost is £1 per week, you select the outcome of 7 fixtures, Home Win, Away Win or Draw. You have until 11:30pm on a Monday evening to make your selections for the coming weekends games.

Every £1 played will put 50% into the weekly prize fund, which is shared between those players that get the most correct predicitons.

Also, 15% of each £1 played, will go into the Jackpot Fund. Any players getting all 7 predictions correct in a gameweek will share the Jackpot Fund. If no one gets all 7 predicitons correct the Jackpot Fund will roll over to the next week, where it will grow every week until its won.

The share of a Jackpot Fund a winner gets will be determined on how much they have contributed to the Jackpot Fund. To get 100% of the Jackpot Fund you would have to be from when the Prediciton League started, which is Game Week 10, which is when we started the League. This is to prevent a player joining in Game Week 20 and getting all 7 predicitons correct and walking away with the whole Jackpot Fund having only contributed 15p of his £1 stake.

Signing up and joining the League are simply, follow the steps below;

Full game rules are here

Good Luck