Hyde United CBS Board Elections 2022

We are now seeking candidates who wish to put their names forward for our CBS elections.

The roles on the board fall into 4 different sections.

  • Positions that CBS members can put themselves forward for that they think would suit their skills and expertise.
  • Fixed positions that are allocated by the final elected board of directors.
  • Positions that are filled by the putting forward of a representative by the area that those roles cover.
  • Non-executive co-opted roles to add other expertise to the football club board.


If you wish to stand for any of the roles that allow you to put your name forward and are a CBS member, you should E-Mail you interest to secretary@hydeunited.co.uk,  20th May 2022,   and include the following:

  • The position you wish to stand for
  • Why you think you are best suited for the position
  • Any skills you have that would make you a good fit for the position

The following roles fall into the section of elected roles that CBS members can put themselves forward for. If any position only has one person put themselves forward for, that role is allocated unchallenged. Should there be more than one person put themselves forward for the same role, then it would go to a vote by the CBS members to decide the successful candidate.

Club Football & FA Liaison Director
Go between the Board of Directors and Team Managers
Knowledge and contacts of the Football Association governing body
Chairing the Football Sub-Committee

Administrative Director
Able to bring ideas to the board for the development of the football club and infrastructure.
Knowledge of applying for grants and The Football Foundation.
Experience in the finding and procurement of goods/materials.
Knowledge of the day to day running of a football club administratively including and not limited to:
Cheshire FA
The FA
County FA Affiliation
Player registration and contracts

Matchday Security Director

Managing Matchday staff requirements (stewards, turnstiles, car park, main stand, directors’ box)
Managing Ground Security and Safety
Liaison with Health and Safety/Risk Assessment officer
Ensuring ground safety paperwork is up to date, risk assessments etc.


Marketing and PR Director
Managing marketing promotional campaigns; offline (flyers, brochures, advertising, PR), online (social media, Google, etc.)
Generating new business
Chairing a Marketing Sub-Committee
A marketing ‘all-rounder’ with a broad understanding of the full marketing mix, and experience in a similar role
Strong understanding of managing digital marketing channels
Proficient in the best practices of marketing communication
Familiar with the creative process/ experience of working with agencies
Strong presentation skills

Community Director
Building links with different community groups
Knowledge of local council community development programmes
Chairing the Community Sub-Committee
Strong presentation skills

The roles that fall into fixed positions that will be assigned by the final elected board are.

  • Secretary
  • Chairman
  • Treasurer

If any CBS members feel they have the required skillset or experience to perform these roles they can put themselves forward for them. The final position will be assigned by the final board of directors to the candidate they feel are best suited for the role.

The following roles will be filled by the relevant bodies of the football club

Social Club Director
This will require a sub-committee being formed to oversee, as a body, the running and oversight of the Social Club in conjunction with the existing Social Club manager. And then that sub-committee to put one of its members forward to represent them on the board. It should also hold regular meetings to ensure the successful running of the Social Club and put forward any suggestions in changes to the board through its representative.
Tasks will include, but not limited to,
Ensuring the books are up to date and sales/takings are recorded correctly.
Having a relationship with suppliers to ensure the best prices/deals are obtained.
Keep regular stock take records
Ensuring pricing is competitive compared to other local establishments but at the same time ensuring it makes a profit.
Managing the staff to ensure all functions, games etc have the correct number of staff to cover.

Junior Football Director
This representative will be put forward by the Junior Section to represent them on the board.
Tasks will include, but not limited to.
Liaison between the Board of Directors and Junior Section
To keep the board informed of progress of the Junior Section and raise any issues.


Supporters Club Director

The representative for this role will be put forward by the members of the Supporters Club following  a re-formation of the Supporters Club Committee. This has been a key area of the football club for bring in revenue through events, fundraisers etc. It should hold regular meetings to keep its members up to date with any information supplied by the board and to discuss possible events to raise funds.

The following are non-executive co-opted roles to add other expertise to the football club. If you wish to be considered for these roles by the board, you can put your name forward.

Those roles are:

Business representative
A business figure within the community with links to other businesses
To form a sub-committee to assist in, but not limited to;
Bringing new sponsors for pitch side boards, match day sponsors, programme advertisers and other ideas to bring new monies into the football club

Ground maintenance representative
Someone with knowledge of maintenance and the building trade
Able to identify areas of the ground that need repair, improvements etc.
To form work parties and to co-ordinate people to achieve the maintenance that is identified
Links to the trade to obtain the best prices for materials that may be required

If you are not yet a CBS member and wish to stand for any positions or take part in any vote there might be, you can get your CBS membership here.