Hyde United FC Exclusive Local Business Offers:

Connect with Our Community Football Club

  1. Local Community Engagement
  2. Brand Exposure
  3. Marketing Opportunities
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR demonstrates your company’s commitment to
    social causes)
  5. Networking: Involvement for your business and your team




Opportunities are limited and first come first served, to guarantee your package please email : marketing@hydeunited.co.uk









“We’re 100% fan owned, by our community and followers. The support of the fans, sponsors and local community is crucial. In lower league football, many clubs operate with constrained finances , making them vulnerable to setbacks like injuries, missed promotions, lack of cup runs, and general low income. Sometimes, ambition surpasses financial feasibility, leaving clubs and their fans in precarious positions. This season, we witnessed the demise of Marske FC in our league, along with other clubs folding or voluntarily seeking relegation. Regrettably, more clubs may face similar fates. In our world, success means ensuring the club’s survival for the next season.”

Tom Armstrong, Hyde United Business Director