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Att: 3126 Nesbitt 14
Aneke 45
Ebanks-Landell 67
Upson 73

I am not going to dwell on the game too much because 3,126 of you were at the ground and 1.8m more watched in on BBC2, BUT it is clear that we are a very good side, with a very good management team and backroom staff.


The reality is that the squad performed like MK Dons equals for 60 minutes, and could easily have gone in 1-1 at half time if we had taken our chances. 2-0 in either half against a very good side playing five divisions above is an outstanding result. The gulf in the teams is all about physicality. MK Dons were big throughout the side, their smallest player was equal to our biggest, and they were matched or slightly better in all other areas. When we were in the conference premier league four years ago and we were drawn to play against an evostik side or counties side we would have expected to score four or five. Just look at Macclesfield Town winning 5-0 away at Stourbridge as an example, and that really puts our result at 4-0 into perspective.

We can take a massive amount of confidence from this game and fear no one in our league. The squad is without doubt more than capable of winning the league, and they should now push on to deliver this achievement for themselves and for the club.


As a club we did most things right, planned in detail, met regularly with the local council and police, and implemented every single recommendation they made or gave to ensure the day went off without any hitches.

We sold 3,126 tickets, the biggest crowd ever to fill the ground in its current form. With only one full time administration employee and a few dozen volunteers we managed to arrange for the TV & LED advertising, employ doctors, first aiders stewards, catering, print tickets, additional car parking, VIP, Hospitality, new seats, new kits and much more, ALL along side managing two league games, and all of the other day to day things the club has to do just to function.

The evening went very well for 95% of the people in the ground and 100% of the people watching on TV and we did the best we could for the 5% who had a less than enjoyable time.

Unfortunately it is impossible to plan for mindless idiots who are intent on gaining some kind of twisted notoriety from their actions, without any thought or regard for everyone else involved.

If these idiots travel on the day with flares in their rucksack, illegally break in to an all ticket football game by climbing a wall, and then follow through on their stated intent (on snapchat) of "making ourselves famous"we can only do our best on the night to contain it.


We are working hard to represent Hyde United FC as a professional club from top to bottom and this includes showing the football world what amazing fans we have.

There is no margin for error and the club will not accept anything which tarnishes our name or damages our reputation. We will issue a formal statement tomorrow, but everyone should be in no doubt that we will pursue the mindless idiots who broke in to the ground on Friday, ensuring they are dealt with to the full extent of the law and if possible we achieve a prosecution to provide a deterrent against this happening in the future at Ewen Fields or any other ground.

Thank you to every genuine supporter & football fan from all of us at the club for what was an amazing night, and please continue to support the Tigers as we try to build the best Community Owned Club in the country.

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Photos by Don Goodwin
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Team Line-Up
1 Peter Crook
2 Kyle Harrison
3 James Burke
4 Janni Lipka
5 Harry Coates
6 Paddy Miller
7 Tom Pratt
8 Jack Stockdill
9 Matthew Beadle
10 Big Khamsuk
11 Luke Porritt
12 James Hodges
13 David Brown
14 Chris Churchman
15 Ryan Ellison
16 Karl Jones
17 Tyrone Gay
18 Pete Boyle
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